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Below you will find a list of the current department members and the courses they are teaching.  
Click on the teacher’s name or course  to link to the course website or drop box, where applicable.

Mrs. Bout (Sem 2) — Information Tech (BTT)
Ms. De La Franier — Intro to Business (BBI), Gr. 11 Entrepreneurship (BDI), Gr. 12 Business Management (BOH)
Mr. Fernandez — Intro to Business (BBI), Gr. 11 Accounting (BAF), Phys Ed
Mr. Jones — Information Tech (BTT), Intro to Business (BBI), Grade 11 Law (CLU)
Mr. Peters Economics (CIA), History,  Geography
Mr. Ritchie — Gr.12 Law (CLN), Phys Ed
DECA Business Club Advisors — Ms. De La Franier, Mr. Jones, Mrs. Kelly