Students achieving a minimum average of 80% will have their names listed on the PHS Honour Roll, displayed in the Crush Area of the school. Only courses currently being taken at Preston High School (including day school WRDSB elearning courses) will be considered in the calculations.

The following criteria will be used for calculating Honour Roll averages:

  • Grade Nine: minimum of 4 courses completed at PHS in current semester
  • Grade Ten: minimum of 4 courses completed at PHS in current semester
  • Grade Eleven: minimum 3 courses completed at PHS in current semester
  • Grade Twelve: minimum 3 courses completed at PHS in current semester

For the 2020-2021 school year, the Honour Roll will be calculated and displayed at the end of Quads 2 and 4. 

In determining Ontario Scholars, the average is to be calculated based on the best six Grade 12 ministry approved courses taken in Ontario.

A student may be designated an Ontario Scholar if he or she satisfies both of the following requirements:

  • He or she obtains an aggregate of at least 480 marks in any combination of ministry-approved courses listed below that provide a total of six credits, as defined by Ontario Secondary Schools, Grade 9 to 12: Program and Diploma Requirements, 1999 (OSS) and/or Ontario Schools, Intermediate and Senior Divisions (Grade 7-12/OACs): Program and Diploma Requirements, rev. ed., 1989 (OSIS)
  • He or she has been recommended by the school principal for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) in either the current school year or the previous school year.

Ministry – approved courses are the following

  • Any Grade 12 university preparation, university/college preparation, college preparation, workplace preparation, and/or open courses authorized under OSS, including locally developed courses approved by the ministry
  • Cooperative education courses related to any of the above courses
  • Dual credit courses in college-delivered dual credit programs approved by the ministry
  • Any Ontario Academic Courses (OACs) authorized under OSIS

Governor-General’s Award – is awarded to a student with the highest average in all Gr 11 & 12 courses completed before graduation.  Courses taken after graduation are not included.