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Packages will be handed out Wednesday, February 13th 2019  in Homerooms

Packages will be handed back in on Monday, February 25, 2019 to your Homeroom Teacher.

Students can start researching their course choices for next year ANYTIME by reading the PHS Course Descriptions, found on the left sidebar.  Write down all the courses you are interested in taking and you will be ready for the 3rd week of February, where you will add these courses into the MYWAY Portal!  A guidance counsellor can answer any of your questions.

MYWAY Online Course Request Program

GRADE 9-11 STUDENTS are scheduled into the library where a guidance counsellor will answer specific questions about post secondary and career information while students add their courses into MYWAY.

GRADE 12 STUDENTS returning to PHS must put their course choices into MYWAY on their own time. The act of  entering courses in MYWAY,  tells your guidance counsellor that it is your intention to return for a 5th year of high school.  After graduating  with the required 30 credits, a student is able to return to take up to 4 more courses (34 credits) in high school.  Some exceptions apply.  Grade 12 students who WILL NOT be returning to PHS, simply sign a homeroom list to indicate that they WILL NOT be returning to PHS.

Course Selection Library Info Session Times (guidance counsellors will be present to answer questions)

Summer School registration will begin in late April. Listen to the morning announcements to know when to register for Summer School.


                Click Here **PHS COURSE DESCRIPTIONS**

Prerequisite Charts  (Follow the arrows to know if you must take one course before another)

PHS Course Offerings 2019-2020

Common Course Calendar

WRDSB e-Learning Courses      Students may choose elearning courses in MYWAY.

Dual Credits             Information Website on Dual Credits

College Dual Credit Program FAQ



Grade 9 and Grade 10 :

GRADE 9 AND 10 Courses at a Glance

Gr 10 FAQ (For grade 9’s choosing grade 10 courses)


Grade 11:

GRADE 11 PROGRAM – Courses at a Glance

Gr 11 FAQ (For grade 10’s choosing grade 11 courses)

What do I need to take in Grade 12 to prepare for University or College or an Apprenticeship?  Click Here


Grade 12:

GRADE 12 PROGRAM Courses at a Glance

Gr 12 FAQ (For grade 11’s choosing grade 12 courses)

What do I need to take in Grade 12 to prepare for University or College or an Apprenticeship?  Click Here