Where to find Volunteer Opportunities

Sites with multiple ideas:

  • Volunteer Action Center of Waterloo Region  -search the online database, sort opportunities available in Cambridge only
  •  The Volunteer Action Centre is also offering in-person support for volunteers  in Cambridge,  every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.   at 150 Main Street, Cambridge, Ontario. Currently Not Open to the Public due to the pandemic.
  • Langs’ Volunteer Coordinator connects youth to community volunteering opportunities
  • Preston Heights Community Group has staff who will help you find volunteering opportunities


Community Involvement Requirements:

Start and End Dates:

  • 40 hours of community involvement  need to be completed by the end of Grade 12
  • Volunteer hours can be counted starting the summer after the student completes grade 8
  • We encourage students complete their hours before the end of Grade 10, as a concentrated focus towards graduation
  • The due date for submitting hours in Grade 12, if not previously submitted, is the end of April

Community Involvement Manual:  Tells of the purpose and the activities that are eligible and ineligible

Tracking Sheet:

  • Print off a Tracking Sheet linked above to keep track of this information to use on your resume.
  • Keep the tracking sheet for your own personal records.  Add a Volunteer heading to your resume, add in your experience.

Submitting your Volunteer Hours:  


Adding Volunteer Hours to MyWay:



  • Students currently at PHS  directly submit Community Volunteering hours on MyWay. These students do NOT need to hand anything into the guidance office!
  • Students may submit the hours on MyWay as they complete them versus waiting until all 40 hours are done
  • Students should keep all Tracking Sheets (with the Community Sponsor’s signature on it) as a record that this graduation requirement is complete.  It is good to add dates and activities to your resume.
  • Students who exit PHS before submitting their Volunteer hours must return to the Guidance Office to hand in their tracking sheet as they won’t have access to log into MyWay. All students are asked to sign a sheet attesting to the number of hours they are submitting, on that day.