Business Department

Marketing-How to find good resources

Drinking from a fire hose. How to sift through the web and find credible information

Assessing Website credibility handout

Digital Citizenship: Protect your privacy and why it’s important to build an online reputation/brand

History Department

CHC 2PI World War 1 Propaganda Media Inquiry

CHW3MI Artistic Accomplishments of Ancient Greece

CHW3MI Artistic Accomplishments of Ancient Greece

Napolean Art Activity  – You will need to be logged into your school Google account to access this document.  The document is “View Only”.  Once you open the document, select “Make a Copy” from the file menu.  This will create a copy in your Drive that you can modify.

WORLD WAR ONE research

NDW 4MI – Indigenous Peoples


English Department

Good Online Research Sources

From the Library Learning Commons database collection:

  • Canadian Points of View Reference Centre – a database that provides magazine, newspaper and journal articles covering arguments on both sides of a wide variety of issues/topics
  • Teen Health and Wellness – provides quality resources on topics related to physical and mental health
  • Infobase eBook collection – online nonfiction eBook collection about a large variety of subjects.  Books are searchable, with table of contents and index for easy research.  NOTE:  select “Title and Description Text” rather than “Full Text” in the search field for better results


  • ipl2 (formerly The Librarian’s Internet Index) – an online search index that finds quality website sources on a variety of topics.  Sources are current up to 2014.