Youth Volunteer Scholarship Award – nominate yourself or others

Award Description:

Nominees must be 18 years or younger. Nominees must have volunteered for a legitimate not-for-profit organization, service group or community group. The communities of Cambridge/Township of North Dumfries or Waterloo Region must be significant beneficiaries of the nominee’s volunteer work.

Deadline: October 20, 2017

Award: $1000

Submission Form:

A select group of Cambridge Chamber of Commerce members will select the recipient of this year’s scholarship awards based on three questions answered:   Each answer should be kept to 500 characters.

How have you actively participated in projects that have benefited the improvement of your community?

How have you influenced your school and/or community through your leadership?

How have you set a good example for other youth?

All nominees will be recognized and recipient will be announced at the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce – Cambridge & North Dumfries Community Awards on November 28, 2017.

See the attached Youth Volunteer Flyer.





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