Check out the programs and activities at Preston High School in this PHS School Brochure!

Welcome to Panther Country! Preston High School is a community school that offers prospective students a rigorous academic program, as well as a rich extracurricular life. Students will be supported in creating an individual pathway through Preston’s academic program that will align with postsecondary goals. Preston High School offers several specialty programs, including a strong Cooperative Education program, a Specialist High Skills Major Certification in Sports, Advanced Placement and the Enhanced program. As well, we are proud of our Developmental Education and Life Skills programs offered to meet the diverse needs of each learner.

Opened in 1934, Preston High School has a rich family tradition, proudly guiding several generations of grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and children in their journey to graduation. As one of the mid-sized high schools in the Waterloo Region, Panthers feel the same strong sense of belonging in our tight-knit community as they would at a smaller school. However, Panthers will also find many opportunities for their talents to flourish in a school that offers as wide a range of events, activities, clubs and teams as students would find at a larger school. As one of the oldest schools in this region, Preston High School fosters a strong sense of tradition and Panther pride that students carry with them everywhere they go, even after graduation, as embodied by our school motto, “Aeterna Non Caduca”, which translates to: Things that last, never perish”.

Preston High School first opened in 1934 at the former location of Grand View School up on the hill on Hamilton Street. The current Preston High School building was opened in 1956. The Library wing was added in 1986. The Science wing was added in 2004. The Library was renovated in 2018.

Preston Panthers celebrated their 75th Anniversary in 2009.