Welcome to the Special Education department! 

This is “the spot to go” if you are looking for information, advice, programming or ideas about working with your student with learning challenges. Our staff are dedicated to helping PHS students achieve their academic goals.

In this site, you will find links to pages that are good for students to read (“Hey Students!”), and useful for parents to read (“Hey Parents!”), as well as some general information pages.

Department Members

Department Head:

Ms. Knarr:   stephanie_knarr@wrdsb.ca

Special Education Resource Teachers (SERTs):

Mr. Eason:    tj_eason@wrdsb.ca

Ms. Malboeuf:    jessica_malboeuf@wrdsb.ca

Ms. Wilson:   kristen_wilson@wrdsb.ca

Student Success Teachers:

Mr. Miller:      mike_miller@wrdsb.ca

Ms. Mullen:   jill_mullen@wrdsb.ca

Educational Assistant:

Ms. Mariana Snider

Courses and Curriculum Documents

GLE1OI, GLE2OI  Learning Strategies 1: Skills for Success in Secondary School

GLE3OI, GLE4OI  Advanced Learning Strategies: Skills for Success after Secondary School

Gr 9 & 10 Guidance and Career Education

Gr 11 & 12 Guidance and Career Education