How to reach your Guidance Counsellor

Please fill out the PHS Guidance Appointment Request Form 2021-2022 

Your guidance counsellor will either call you down from class to meet or call you at home if you are a student in the Remote Learning Program.  Students will be seen within 2 school days typically.  If the appointment if of an urgent nature, please indicate that on the survey under “other”.

Your last name begins with: Your Guidance Counsellor is:
A, B, C, D, E, F, G Mrs. Brennan
H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O Mr. Boug
P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z Ms. Cove-Shannon
 Guidance  Admin. Assistant Ms. Sharp for inquiries email:

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Join the Google Classroom based on your Graduation Date

Join your grade’s Google Classroom to learn about upcoming events and information about post-secondary options, scholarships and volunteer opportunities.

  • Grade 12 students – PHS class of 2022- Code to Join: 3fs7lwc
  • Grade 11 students – PHS class of 2023 – Code to Join: gnmgbun
  • Grade 10 students – PHS class of 2024 – Code to Join:  7ekxzyr
  • Grade 9 students – PHS class of 2025 – Code to Join: tk3n2ji

As a way to get school-wide information that could be relevant to you.

Why see a Guidance Counsellor?

  • For questions regarding courses; to ask for help if behind in coursework
  • To register for summer school, and elearning courses
  • To ensure you have completed the requirements for graduation
  • To ask about career information, key sites to use to search
  • When you are overwhelmed about something going on in your life and you cannot concentrate in class

Guidance Office Contact

Parents: To contact a PHS Guidance Counsellor please call Preston High School at 519-653-2367 and use extension 5520. At this extension, Ms. Sharp, our friendly Guidance Assistant will retrieve your message, answer your question where possible or direct your call to the appropriate Guidance Counsellor /staff person.   You are able to ask questions and forward school information using the email

Find out about events important to your future!

  • Explore the Guidance section of the PHS Website to find all sorts of important information to help you navigate your years at PHS and to help you plan your pathway after high school!
  • Click through the left sidebar of information to find important information. We take the time to post important dates that you will not want to miss!

How to reach our PHS Child and Youth Worker or our Social Worker?

Please fill out the Appointment Request – SW/CYW Counselling form.

Why see Cyndi CYW or Ruth Social Worker?

Please use this form for anything that you need to talk about. We see students dealing with lots of things, including friend issues, family issues, stress, mental health and struggles with suicidal thoughts. Please reach out. We will do our best to get you in for an appointment within a few days, and will contact you either during class when you are in the building, or by phone/email if you are in the remote learning program.