Stand For Their Lives

Preston High School students rallied on the front lawn of their school over their break to show solidarity with American students participating in the “March For Our Lives” event happening in Washington, DC this weekend. The PHS rally was organized by several students – Daisy Nguyen, Riley Porter, Emily Eitzen, Amanda Wang, Dylan Smart and Hannah Sneath.

Daisy believes that it is important to stand up for what you believe in. She sees gun violence as a serious issue in the states and hopes this rally will have an impact in raising awareness for the youth in America. “We want to support them in their efforts and hard work,” she said.

Riley has been inspired by the youth movement happening down south. She said, “they’re youth just like us and they’re using their voices to change something.” She wants to continue to use her voice for change and she hopes to pass along this inspiration along to others.

Thank you students for using your voice to raise awareness of this important issue. As you stand up for their lives, we will stand with you.

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