Student Expectations for In-Person Learning Program when in the “Learn at Home” Cohort

With Quadmester 2 underway, we wanted to provide an update on the expectations for students who are attending the in-person model of learning but are in their “Learn at Home” cohort.

Students who are learning at home are expected to be ready to learn with their class on the same schedule as when they are in school. This could include logging into the virtual classroom (Google classroom, Brightspace, etc.) and completing the daily learning opportunities outlined by the classroom teacher.

At PHS, the schedule is as follows:

8:05 – 10:05

Learning Block #1

10:05 – 10:50

Nutrition Break

10:50 – 12:35

Learning Block #2

12:35 – 1:50

Learning Block #3

Each teacher will have different expectations for what learning will look like when students are at home. However, it is imperative that students be ready to engage with learning following the schedule of the school day and ask their teacher if they are unclear about the expectations.

Teachers are available in a range of both synchronous and asynchronous ways to support student learning both at school and at home. At all times, students can email their teachers with specific questions. We encourage students to contact teachers during the final learning block of the day – from 12:35 – 1:50 when teachers will be most available for individual or small group support for students. For staff members within the WRDSB, email addresses follow the following format

Students are expected to check their WRDSB Gmail account and Google Classroom a minimum of twice daily.

Accessing Supports

While students are in their “Learn at Home” cohort, they have access to their teacher and all additional school supports including Guidance Counsellors, Special Education supports, Child and Youth Worker and Social Worker supports.

Guidance – Students can complete a Google Form to request support from or an appointment with their Guidance Counsellor.

Special Education – Students with an IEP can email directly to access support. Ms. Butticci or another member of the LRC team will connect with each student and provide individual support as needed.

CYW and Social Worker Support – Students can complete a Google Form to request support from or an appointment with the Child and Youth Worker and the Social Worker.

If you have questions about the expectations for a specific course, you are encouraged to contact the teacher directly.