CLASSIFICATION Individuals will be inducted in one of the categories:

A. Student

B. Faculty / Staff


A. In order to be nominated, a Student must be a graduate of Preston High School. Those nominated in the student category shall not generally be considered initially until after a ten (10) year waiting period following their last attendance at PHS. This may be waived by the Selection Committee because of a particular outstanding performance.

B. Faculty / Staff must have completed a five (5) year term as a full-time teacher or staff member at PHS.


There will be one inductee per year. The selection process will be conducted by vote of the Hall of Fame Committee Members. Nominees not selected will be considered for the upcoming years as their nomination will be kept on file.

If you would like to nominate a former student or staff for this years induction, please submit the following 2 forms via email to before May 31, 2019.

HofF Criteria form

HofF Nomination form 2019