There are many tools students can use to keep themselves organized, current with course material and even healthy. What follows is not an exhaustive list – just a few suggestions. Some run in iOS, some in Android, and some in both. All are free!

  1. Study Guides

a) Study Blue  iOS

  • access flashcards, notes, and study guides uploaded by users
  • quiz yourself on the go, track your progress and set study reminders
  • collaborate with other Study Blue users

b) Gojimo

  • prepare for SAT, ACT, AP and IB tests
  • over 150,000 quiz questions
  • track your progress and share on FaceBook and Twitter

c) SuperNotes

  • allows user to save notes, recordings and images
  • the user doesn’t need to write everything down!

2. Agendas and Planners

a) My Study Life  iOS, Android

  • build a weekly calendar based on scheduled events like classes, tutorials and study sessions
  • colour code your classes
  • keep track of tasks and exams in the cloud, and receive notifications

b) Keep  Android

  • pinboard style of tracking system
  • store notes, lists and photos
  • set reminders

c) Timeful  iOS

  • calendar and tot do list
  • will suggest time to be most productive based on user’s habits and routines
  • gives suggestions and tips to be more productive

d) Finish

  • a to-do list for procrastinators
  • when a task is done, it plays a musical flourish

e) 2Do

  • uses colour coding, so good for visual learners
  • allows user to categorize and prioritize
  • allows you to defer items to another day

3) Health

a) Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock  iOS

  • track sleep cycles
  • wakes user at point of lightest sleep
  • keeps and displays data about personal sleep cycle

b) Sparkpeople  iOS, Android

  • keep track of consumed food, and the proportion of protein, carbohydrate and fat
  • refer to videos about exercise and meditation

c) My Virtual Hopebox

  • channel those negative and anxious thoughts
  • practice meditation