No matter what where we are in the semester, you should be thinking about preparing for your exams.

There are some tried and true ways to be successful at examinations.  Have a look at the “Hey Students” page for tips on setting up your study space, keeping note books organized, and different ways to take notes.

But, what do you DURING the exam? You’re nervous, you aren’t remembering ANYthing, and…..HELP!


B = Breathe deeply.  Once you have been given your exam, and listened to your teacher’s instructions, take several deep breaths.  Focus on a spot in the classroom that is not your teacher or your exam.  Breathe slowly and deeply.  The extra oxygen will energize your brain, and allow you to concentrate on your task

R = Read or scan the paper.  Read the entire exam before answering any of the questions.  Take a minute to plan, and budget your time according to the value of each question.

A = Answer the questions in any order you think is best.  For some, that means the essay question first.  Others want to get the quick multiple choice or fill in the blanks over with.  If the first question draws a blank, leave it, and come back. Jot down some ideas for the essay question so that you don’t forget them.

K = underline or highlight Key words in the question.  Make sure that you know exactly what the teacher is asking you to do: “define and give an example of” is two things.  Highlight the words like “define” and “give an example” so that you don’t forget to do exactly that!

E = Encourage yourself.  Tell yourself positive things!  You do know a lot.  You have studied well.  And there are many questions you can answer.  You will succeed!