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PHS General Scholarship Application


This is in the school year that you have earned 30 credits, have 40 hours of community involvement recorded in the PHS guidance office and have passed literacy test. This is when you have satisfied all requirements to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Graduating students who wish to be considered for PHS scholarships and bursaries are invited to complete a         2017- 2018 PHS General Scholarship Application

Due to the wide variety of PHS awards, all graduates are encouraged to complete an application.

Award Descriptions are posted here.

Applications are available in the Guidance Office and must be returned by Wednesday April 25, 2018.

University or College Scholarships

Based on applying to their institution.

For University applicants: See the Scholarship page at

For College applicants: See the Paying for College page at

Scholarship Advertised within PHS, on Twitter, on Announcements

Below there is a GENERAL resource that lists the many scholarships PHS advertises; see “Scholarships and Award Information”. A student is able to review the entire list and determine if they would be eligible to apply for that particular scholarship. Application deadlines occur throughout the school year; the month the scholarship is typically due is listed. Follow the links to get the most recent information about that particular scholarship.

*Scholarship applications requiring school endorsement: preliminary applications are to be submitted for consideration to the Guidance Office a minimum of two weeks before the application deadline.

Scholarships Students Research on Their Own

Ask your parents if their workplace offers any scholarship opportunities.

Ask at your workplace if the company offers any student scholarship opportunities.

Indigenous Bursaries

Disability Awards

Helpful PHS Resources: