Welcome Class of PHS 2025!

Becoming a Panther is the start of a great adventure and is a wonderful privilege as you become a part of over 85 years of history and tradition.  This page has been designed to help you understand what the transition to Grade 9 at PHS will look and feel like.  Remember that all of the students you see in the PHS brochure were once in your shoes. Welcome Preston Panther, there is something for everyone here!

Course Selection Materials

PHS Academics

Each department website includes Student FAQs and Parent FAQs.

PHS Enhanced Program Application

Please look for the  “Hard Copy of the EP Application form” if you want to write a draft copy of your answers before filling out the EP Application on the google form.

Parent FAQs

Q: Will there be an opportunity to switch courses during grade 9, e.g. Academic to Applied?

A:  Not likely once the student starts the course, due to timetable constraints. By the time the student has had work evaluated by the teacher at the end of unit 1, switching courses would mean much catch- up work since even in the same subject the teacher may start with a different unit.  Please speak to your grade 8 teacher about why they are recommending a particular type of course for your child.

Q: Is it possible to change course types from Grade 9 to 10?

Yes in all core courses except math students are able to move from applied grade 9 to academic grade 10.  Destreaming math is launching September 2021 – stay tuned for details on this question from the Ministry of Education.

Q: Does a student have to take all the same course types?

A: No, students can select different types for the core courses according to their strengths, work habits and learning style. e.g. academic English, applied Science.

PHS Virtual Tour

School Map 

School Day Schedule

  • Day 1’s happen on every odd date of the month   (October 1, 3, 5… 27,29,31)
  • Day 2’s happen on every even date of the month (October 2,4,6 …26,28,30)
  • Students take up to 4 subjects/credits in each semester = total of 8 credits in a school year
  • Semester 1= Sept. – Jan.  Semester 2= Feb. – June
  • Sample Student Timetable

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the information shared on this page or anything related to the transition to Grade 9, please contact the PHS Guidance Department at 519-653-2367 Ext. 5520 or email guidance_phs@wrdsb.ca.  Ms. Sharp, our Guidance Assistant will connect you with your son/daughter’s upcoming Guidance Counsellor to answer your questions.