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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”   -Albert Einstein  

Drama education helps students improve and evolve in a wide range of areas such as self-confidence, self-expression, communication, critical thinking skills, collaboration, interpersonal skills, aesthetic awareness and imagination.  The ability to think creatively, solve problems, perform and present in front of others, accept and apply constructive criticism are life skills which are applicable to a wide variety of careers.  Drama is under the umbrella of the English department.

Extra opportunities to get involved in Drama

Preston Drama Council

  • Student volunteer leaders organize, run and advocate for the drama and arts-based events inside the school year
  • Application process occurs in May of each school year

Annual Arts Retreat

  • Each fall, students involved in extracurricular Visual Arts, Music and Drama groups are invited to attend an overnight day and a half retreat with other musicians, artists, actors and performers to collaborate, plan and prepare for the year ahead

Open Stage Fridays

  • Students can showcase their performance talents before a live audience on the last Friday of every month

Preston Improv Team    

National Theatre School DramaFest

  • A province-wide theatre festival for secondary students
  • PHS past awards – Outstanding Production, Awards of Excellence in Acting, Ensemble Work and Lighting and Sound

Arts Awards

  • A yearly award and celebration evening in which the the PHS arts departments (Music, Visual Art and Drama) recognize outstanding student involvement in their programs

Student FAQs

Q: I am a quiet, shy person.  Drama is not for me, right?

A: On the contrary, drama is exactly the place you should be.  This course is all about you developing skills and confidence as a part of your learning process.  You learn how to become more comfortable and confident with communicating, expressing yourself and performing in front of others.

Q: I didn’t take drama in grade 9, can I take it in grade 10?

A: Yes grade 10, 11 and 12 students who want to take an introductory drama course would take ADA2OX

Q: Are there ways I can get involved to help promote and advocate for drama at PHS and in the community?

A: Yes!  The Preston Drama Council is an opportunity for students to become involved in leadership opportunities, initiatives and events relating to drama and the arts at PHS.

Parent FAQs

Q: What is the point of a drama course? 

A: Drama education engages and develops the whole learner.  Through the learning in this course your child will cognitively, physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, creatively and culturally develop. As a result of taking drama students become more aware, empathetic and self-empowered individuals ready for the greater world context.

Q:  Are there performance opportunities for my child outside of the classroom experience?

A: Yes, at PHS we offer students a wide range of live performance opportunities throughout their years at high school.  Here are some to name a few: musical productions, one act play festivals, Open Stage lunch series, arts evenings, main stage productions,  improv training and performance, word jam/spoken word competitions and more!

Q: Are there ways to get involved in drama “behind the scenes”?

A: Yes when PHS puts on school productions there are many areas where students can volunteer behind the scenes: prop and set crew, costume crew, make up & hair, painters, and lighting and crew.  The student simply mentions their interest in volunteering to the drama teacher.

Department Members

Ms. Wilson   kristen_wilson@wrdsb.ca

Courses and curriculum documents


ADA2OI  for students who completed ADA1OI

ADA2OX an introductory drama course for students who didn’t complete ADA1OI



View drama course descriptions under The Arts

Grade 9 & 10 curriculum: The Arts

Grade 11 & 12 curriculum: The Arts