PHS Enhanced Program

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We offer an exciting and distinctive approach to learning which focuses on academic diversity and excellence in all areas of student life.  


In grades nine and ten, we emphasize the following the transferable skills in the core subjects:

  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Leadership
  • Citizenship

These skills will be further developed through a variety of enhancements such as field trips, leadership workshops, contests, and conferences — all  enriching your high school experience.

With like-minded students you will:

  • Compete in math contests
  • Achieve proficiency in French language (diplome en francais, langue seconde)
  • Interact with leaders in science and technology community
  • Have the opportunity to pursue AP credits
  • Lead extra-curricular initiatives
  • Collaborate with the greater PHS community

By providing challenging academics, developing creativity and encouraging out-of-the-box thinking, in the Enhanced program, you will collaborate with like-minded students to investigate, explore, and excel, taking risks and developing advanced problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Start to prepare now!


Both of the forms below must be completed for application to the Enhanced program. Students are required to complete their Self-Assessment and their Portfolio.  A Grade 8 teacher must complete the Teacher Reference form online.

Enhanced Program Application 2018-2019

Grade 8 Teacher Reference Hardcopy 2018-2019Online Version Gr 8 Teacher Reference 

FAQ’s about the Enhanced Program (includes dates/ application timelines to remember)


Given your academic success, Enhanced students inherently earn more scholarships; your participation in the Enhanced program will foster your ability to earn high academic standing, thereby putting you heads and shoulders above other scholarship applicants.

PHS Enhanced students repeatedly ACHIEVE HIGH STANDARDS in academics, leadership and extracurricular:

  • Over the last 4 years, Preston Enhanced Students have gathered over $35 000 in scholarships and bursaries offered through PHS, not including the tens of thousands of dollars they have received through University admission scholarships.
  • Over 85% of all scholarship and bursaries awarded in last 4 years have been given to Preston Enhanced Students.
  • Over the last 4 years, of all the Grade 12 University courses, 88% of subject award winners were Enhanced students. 
  • 95% of grade 9 – 11 subject awards prize winnings – that’s over $4000 – were given to Enhanced students
  • Over the last 4 years, the KW Record Top Students at Preston have gone to Enhanced students.
  • The last 3 Bernice Adams Award winners from Preston were Enhanced students.
  • Top music awards at PHS for the last 2 years were Enhanced students.
  • Over the last 3 years, Enhanced students have been named team MVP’s and Coaches Award winners over 10 times.
  • Valedictorians from the last 6 years have been Enhanced students.
  • Over 80% of Student Council is made up of Enhanced students.
  • 6 of the last 7 Co – Presidents at PHS were Enhanced students.
  • The class median in Grades 9 – 11 Enhanced Math over the last 2 years was approximately 86%.
  • The class median in Enhanced French over the last 2 years was 88%.

As Enhanced students, you are the trailblazer; you are the leaders.


The Enhanced students are given several opportunities each year to extend their learning by making connection to real-world issues and experiences.  You may visit several locations in and around the Waterloo Region/participate in events including:


Enrichment programs available to Enhanced students may include:


For further information, please contact any of the following staff at 519-653-2367:

  • Mme. Robinson (Co-chair, Enhanced; Department Head of Languages)
  • Mr. Haddaway (Department Head of Math)
  • Mr. J. Miller (Department Head of Geography)
  • Mrs. Blaak (Department Head of English)
  • Mr. Krawchyk (Science Teacher)
  • Mr. Donkers (Co-chair, Enhanced program; Department Head of Science)