Enhanced Program at Preston High School

Program Description

For students who feel that the pace of a grade nine destreamed course is underwhelming, the Enhanced Program is an opportunity to extend their hunger for learning for learning and provide additional opportunities they might not otherwise have in class.

At various times over the school year, students in the program will be invited to participate in a variety of experiences that will enhance their 21st century skills.

Development of 21st Century Skills

Critical Thinking Development of analytical, questions generation, pattern identification, and connection making skills.
Creativity Formulating ideas and unique approaches to various situations.
Collaboration & Communication Collaboration allows students to achieve more than the sum of their individual parts.  Sharing their ideas and articulating their opinions are crutial skills to build upon.
Citizenship & Growth Mindset Development of tenacity, risk taking, and self-advocacy skills with the goal of having a positive impact in the school and community around them.

Joining The Program

Students will have the opportunity to join by completing an application that is released in late November of their grade nine school year.

PHS Enhanced Program Flyer 

PHS Contacts

For further information, please contact Mme. Robinson (Enhanced Program Chair, Department Head of Languages)