Welcome to the Business Department!

The business department offers a wide range of courses for you to take during your time at Preston High School. Our courses are all built on the belief that effective learning in business is based on the development of knowledge and skills in the following critical areas: communication in a digital environment, financial literacy, ethical, moral and legal considerations and business skills suited to your interests. Engaging and hands on learning are emphasized in our courses

All business courses at PHS provide students with the opportunity to develop and enrich themselves in a variety of real world skills such as; problem solving. Leadership, employability, teamwork, social responsibility, conflict resolution and global awareness to name a few.

Extra opportunities in Business Studies

Business Certificate – Earn this Certificate by completing a minimum of five Business Courses; a great addition to any resume package and post-secondary application.

DECA – DECA provides students with hands-on experience in the fields of business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. The classroom experience is enhanced by DECA providing conferences and competitions that develop leadership, communication, and networking skills. Any high school student at PHS is welcome to join DECA. Previous experience is not required! 

Field Trips – We provide multiple opportunities for students to apply what they have learned in class and see it in the real world. Trips could include the Preston Walking Tour, Court House Visits and a Marketing Seminar at Wonderland to name a few.

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Student FAQs

Q: Can I take both Grade 9 courses?
A: Absolutely you can! We recommend that you take one in Grade 9 and then the other in Grade 10 if they both interest you. They are the same course regardless of which year you take them.

Q: I am in Grade 10 and I am interested in a Grade 11 course, can I take one in Grade 10?
A: Absolutely! There are no prerequisites for our Grade 11 courses, many students reach ahead. Just be sure to meet all your graduating requirements if you take a course a year early!

Q: Where do I find information for the Business Certificate?
A: Each business teacher teaching a Grade 12 course will post the application on their website at the end of each semester. As well, in May announcements will be made in the school reminding any student who may qualify for this to fill in the application

Q: I did DECA, does this count for the Business Certificate?
A: Yes! Two years of DECA is the equivalent of a business course, so go ahead and apply!

Q: Does the business department have any scholarships and how do I apply?
A: Fill out the Business Certificate Application. There are questions on there that directly relate to our awards.

Parent FAQs

 Q: What is the difference between your Grade 9 courses?

A: BTT is a computer based course that will teach you how to properly use a variety of computer programs that will ensure success both at school and in the real world. Lots of hands on learning

BBI is a course that shows students many different areas of a business such as Marketing, Accounting, doing business with different countries, Human Resources and many more. Many hands on activities are done to help simulate what could happen in a business setting. There is also an aspect of personal finance that is taught in this course as well.

Q: Which courses have a Financial Literacy Component?

A: Students will learn a variety of Financial Literacy components such as budgeting, importance of credit, life finances (i.e. Mortgages) and the importance of saving and investing in BBI1OI/2OI.  Students will learn about the stock market and investing in more detail in our accounting classes, BAF3MI and BAT4MI. Many concepts learned in those courses can correlate directly to personal finance.

Department Staff

Mr. Jones                   chris_jones@wrdsb.ca   Department Head

Ms. De La Franier     amy_delafranier@wrdsb.ca

Ms. Kelly                    jamie_kelly@wrdsb.ca

Mr. Eason                  tj_eason@wrdsb.ca

Courses and curriculum documents

BBI1OI / BBI2OI  Introduction to Business Studies

BTT1OI / BTT2OI Information and Communication Technology in Business

BTA3OI  Information and Communication Technology

BAF3MI Financial Accounting Fundamentals

BAT4MI Financial Accounting Principles

BDI3CI  Entrepreneurship

BMI3CI  Marketing

IDC4OI  Sports and Entertainment Marketing

BOH4MI Business Leadership Management

CLU3MI Understanding Canadian Law

CLN4UI Canadian and International Law

Read course descriptions under Business Studies, for law descriptions see Canadian Studies

Business Studies curriculum