Do you …

Want to gain the edge in university preparation?

Want to stand out in the university selection process?

Want to broaden your intellectual horizons?

                 …then you want to consider the AP program at Preston!                     


The Advanced Placement program is an internationally recognized standard of academics.  AP credits are considered equal to first-year university courses in rigor.  They are a good way to find out what level of performance will be required at university.  Some universities may grant a first year credit; all universities are interested in candidates with AP on their applications.

Our flexible model at PHS for Advanced Placement allows you to prepare for and write the AP exam of your choice from a list of 38 topics. Your topic may be in one of your credits,  where the curriculum is similar to the exam preparation material, or you can explore a completely different area.  You review the on-line course material and study at your own pace, consulting with your teacher-mentor as you require. Your teacher-mentor may be selected from someone on staff, or from the community.

How do you know that AP is right for you?

You should be the kind of student who:

     Enjoys being challenged

     Is curious about many things

     Consistently demonstrates academic excellence (over 85%)

     Has superior academic potential

     Has an excellent command of spoken and written language

     Has a well-established work ethic and is willing to work hard

     Is enthusiastic, self-directed and capable of handling the accelerated pace of learning

Is there a cost?

Yes. Each exam from AP costs $135.00. This cost goes directly to College Board, the developers and administrators of Advanced Placement, and is subject to change.  A deposit of $50 is required on the day before March Break, and the remaining money is paid mid-April, at the Pre-administration meeting.


Contact Mr. Bauer (519 – 653 – 2367 ). You can also go to the following two websites for more information: