Student Success Teachers

Our PHS Student Success Teachers, Mr. Miller and Ms. Mullen, support students without an IEP, with their academics.  Classroom teachers are able to send students  to Room 113 during the class period to finish up past due work, to write missed tests or to get extra support on a particular task.  At lunchtime, students are able to drop in for a space to finish homework or to get extra help. Drop by Room 113 to ask for help with an assignment.

Ms. Mullen connects with PHS students who are taking an E-learning Course. She is available to help new students to E-learning understand where to find key resources on the Brightspace portal. She will help students who are feeling behind in their online course develop a plan and support them to achieve their goal.

Special Education / LRC

The Special Education Teachers and the Learning Resource Center (LRC) in Room 115 is open to students who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP).   See our Special Education Department website for more details.  Classroom teachers are able to send students  to Room 115 during the class period to finish up past due work, to write missed tests or to get extra support on a particular task. Drop by Room 115 to ask for help with an assignment.

Guidance Counsellors

Guidance Counsellors support students in their academic pursuits. They help students with course selections each year, and monitor prerequisites for graduation. Guidance counsellors aid in the transition periods into and out of high school.  Guidance counsellors will help students with any issue that students want to share with them. Guidance counsellors will connect the student to the PHS or community supports available.  Book an appointment with your guidance counsellor to start the discussion.

Child and Youth Worker /  School Social Worker

PHS has a Child and Youth Worker, Ms. Rideout (in Room 116) and a Social Worker, Ms. Vanloon who are available to help students with relationship issues, stress, mental health and struggles with suicidal thoughts. Students can make appointments in the guidance office.  Book an appointment in the guidance office for the CYW or SW to start the discussion.

Public Health Nurse

Guidance counsellors can help connect students to community resources.  A Public Health Nurse from the Waterloo Region Public Health Department is one of those resources. Book an appointment with your guidance office to connect with a Public Health Nurse to get your questions answered.

Vice Principals

Vice Principals want to maintain the safety and wellbeing of the students at PHS.  Please go to the main office if ever you or someone else feel unsafe.

Student Success Team

The Student Success Team is made up of the student success teacher, all school administrators, guidance counsellors, special education teachers, child and youth worker, and social worker. The purpose of the team is to:

  • Assist in Transition between Grade 8 to high school.
  • Identify and track students who are in need of assistance.
  • Make sure students identified are placed in the correct level according to their individual capabilities.
  • Decide appropriate interventions to assist the students.
  • Collaborate with student, teacher and parents.
  • Develop initiatives to support and promote student success.
  • Any staff or parents may highlight a student in need of extra support.

Parents, if you are wanting to access any of these services, please call your child’s guidance counsellor and they will connect you with the right contact person at PHS.

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