Welcome to the Physical Education Department!

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity” -John F. Kennedy

We offer a wide range of Physical Education and Health Courses for all participants.  Our goal is to create a valuable and enjoyable experience for all students.

Phys Ed courses encourage the development of a healthy, active lifestyle through group activities, individual fitness, outdoor adventure, leadership, recreation and in class healthy living and exercise science lessons.  Our courses offer a break from the classroom and allow students to get out of their desks and discover and practice healthy active living strategies.

Our goal is for students to enhance their competence in a variety of skills, understand factors that enhance mental health and emotional and spiritual well-being, and develop a strong sense of self so they are confident in being active daily – beyond their high school years.

Extra opportunities in Phys-Ed 

Specialist High Skills Major in Sports (SHSM)

The Specialist High Skills Major in Sports Program is a government funded program that provides real world experiences for students through Co-op and exploratory field trips to Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Raptors games, among other field trips. There is no cost for students to participate in SHSM.

Athletics – Extracurricular Sports Teams

A major part of many students’ high school experience is the opportunity to play on PHS sports teams.  Students gain valuable life and team dynamic skills as they compete against other schools in the amazing athletic program we have to offer.


A variety of sports, games and activities are offered in the double gym during the lunch break at different points in the year.  The focus is on fun and comradeship.  All students are invited to participate.

Open Gym

The double gym is open at lunch for students to drop in to play basketball, badminton or other games with their friends.
Weight Room

Students may use the weight room at lunch or after school with the purchase of a membership.

Athletic Banquet

A yearly award celebration where teammates come together for a fun evening to recognize outstanding achievement and involvement in PHS Athletics.

Field Trips

Multiple opportunities are provided for students to apply what they have learned in class, experience it in the real world, and try some new activities. Trips could include visits to local fitness clubs, goat yoga, lawn bowling, sporting events, cadaver lab at UW, high ropes course at McMaster, Laser Quest, bowling and hikes.


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 Student FAQs

Q:  May I take more than 1 Phys Ed credit in a year?

A:  YES!  A student may take as many Phys Ed credits as they like each year.  We encourage students to take as many PPL and PAF courses as possible each year.

Q:  What is the difference between PPL and PAF courses?

A:   PPL includes a variety of sports and individual, pair, and group Physical Activities.  PAF refers to primarily individual fitness activities (weights, cardio, etc).

Q:  May I reach ahead and take a grade 12 class in grade 11?

A:  Yes!  You may take any grade 12 class in grade 11.  PLF 4MI (PE Leadership) is a popular class for both grade 11 and 12 students.

Q:  May I reach ahead and take a PAF class in grade 9?

A:  Yes!  Students may take the PowerFit or LiveFit class in grade 9.

Parent FAQs

Q:  If a student doesn’t take Phys Ed one year may they join back in at their grade level with their friends?

A:  Yes!  A student may take Phys Ed any year, regardless if you took it the year before. You can return to whichever stream you like (Fitness, Traditional or Both).

Q:  Are uniforms required for Phys Ed?

A:  Students are required to wear a PHS shirt for class and either maroon or black shorts.  A proper uniform helps to identify a PHS student during outdoor class activities.

Q:  How are students evaluated in Phys Ed?

A:  Participation is the main focus of evaluation.  We feel it’s important to evaluate effort, attitude, and individuality and not overemphasize skill level. Students will excel if they have a positive attitude, work hard, and try their best.  PHS PE Evaluation Rubric

Department Staff

Ms. Campbell  jennifer_campbell@wrdsb.ca

Mr. Freeman  brent_freeman@wrdsb.ca

Ms. Hiscott   jacquelyn_hiscott@wrdsb.ca

Mr. Houwer  adrian_houwer@wrdsb.ca

Mrs. Kelly  jamie_kelly@wrdsb.ca

Mr. Ritchie  matt_ritchie@wrdsb.ca,  Department Head

Courses and curriculum documents

PPL1OX, PPL2OX, PPL3OX  Healthy Active Living (female)

PPL1OY, PPL2OY, PPL3OY Healthy Active Living (male)

PPL4OI Recreation and Leisure

PAF2OX, PAF3OX, PAF4OX  Livefit (female)

PAF2OY, PAF3OY, PAF4OY  Powerfit (male)

PLF4MI Recreation and Leadership

PSK4UI  Introduction to Kinesiology

PHS Physical Education Courses

PHS Phys-Ed Open House Brochure

Please read the course description under Health and Physical Education

Gr 9 to 12 Healthy and Physical Education curriculum document