Phys Ed Uniforms

During Phys Ed classes students are required to wear a PHS top  and PHS school colour bottoms (white, grey, maroon or black)

Tops must have a PHS logo

Bottoms must be in one of our school colours (white, grey, maroon or black)

This year only … Boys Phys Ed uniforms can be purchased via School-Day.

Starting this year … Girls Phys Ed uniforms can be purchased at the online store directly from our vendor. The on-line store is open only from Sept 6-13. Students will receive their purchases in their homeroom after September 21st.

To shop at the on-line store go to

Click here to see the flyer

There are 5 items that can be purchased for Girls Phys Ed classes.

PHS Short sleeve shirt

PHS Long sleeve shirt

PHS tank top shirt

maroon shorts

Panther tights (black only)

Please note that an online store for all spiritwear will open later in September. If you need more information contact Ms. Crosby.




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