Please read the following carefully as the format for summer school has changed due to Covid-19.

REGISTRATION for Summer School 2021 is now open!


  • The Continuing Education Department will offer a Summer School eLearning Credit Program for WRDSB secondary students,   July 5 and July 29.  
    This program replaces face-to-face and blended summer school models. All courses will be FULLY ONLINE and will include all subject areas from Grades 9 to 12 with a focus on the compulsory courses.  All courses will be offered online and require students to engage in both synchronous and asynchronous learning.
  • This program replaces face-to-face and blended summer school models. All courses will be FULLY ONLINE and will include all subject areas from Grades 9 to 12 with a focus on the compulsory courses.


  • Students should be aware that summer e-learning courses require DAILY participation
    Students can expect approx. 6 hours of online work per day
    Failure to login/participate daily may result in your removal from the course
  • There will be assignments, deadlines, potential tests, etc – this is NOT the same as current distance learning!
  • Students may be registered with a different school board in Ontario

A note for all regarding Summer School Courses:

  •  A student logging in to the VLE/D2L WILL NOT see their summer school classes loaded there until the assigned classroom teacher chooses to make their class Active. This is up to the teacher when they do that to give students access to it, and while it can happen before the first day, a teacher may not activate it until that morning. Students should not stress it if they don’t see their summer school classes online prior to the first day of classes starting – if they have an enrollment notification from PRISM and are showing as enrolled in PRISM on your end, everyone should feel confident that it will show up for them by the start of the class


  • Courses will only run if there is sufficient enrollment. Students/parents/legal guardians will be notified by email if the course they registered for is cancelled.


  • Students must fill in this PHS Summer School Registration 2021 survey  in order for their PHS Guidance Counsellor to register them in Summer School.  There will be an automatic email sent to the student on their WRDSB student email account when the guidance counsellor has registered them. Please watch for this to know that you have been registered.
  • “Waitlisted” email:  at the time of registration, you may receive an email to say you have been added to the waitlist.  New sections of courses will be added when there is a demand.  If you are still on a waitlist at the end of May, your guidance counsellor will contact you to discuss options i.e. taking the course with a different school board.  Continue to check your school email as another email will be sent out when you are moved from a “waitlist” to being on the “class list”, which means you are now registered in the course.


  • Go to and login with your WRDSB Gmail address and password.  Look for the heading  “My Courses” widget (box) to see your summer school class listed  
  • Also under the “My Courses” widget,  look for the “Summer School Orientation for Secondary Students” link. This orientation is a collection of short demonstration videos and other resources to support students in being successful if they need help navigating the platform.


  • WRDSB students taking an eLearning course with another board can access their course via the WRDSB VLE/D2L still. They login with their WRDSB Gmail address and password to
  • On the WRDSB homepage, students will see a widget (box) for “My Courses” –  these are the classes they have with the WRDSB.  They do not have a course with the WRDSB.   Therefore….
  • The next step is that students have to scroll down, just beneath that they will see another box that says “My Courses in Other Orgs” – they should see any courses they are enrolled in from another school board there, and clicking it will take them right into the course from another board.
  • Each board runs their startup their own way, but will generally email the student on their WRDSB Gmail account (and often their parent/guardian) instructions and details about what this looks like and what to expect.  Different boards have different start and end dates.


Who is my Guidance Counsellor?

Your last name begins with: Your Guidance Counsellor is:
A, B, C, D, E, F, G Mrs. Brennan
H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O Mr. Boug
P, Q, R, S, T, U, W, X, Y, Z Ms. Cove-Shannon


Link to WRDSB Summer School Information