Send an attendance related email to

You must include the following:

  • Student’s name (first and last)
  • Date(s) of absence
  • Reason for absence (example: illness, medical or dental appt, Parent Approved, etc.)
  • Parent/Guardian name who is sending the message

Leave an attendance related message at anytime by directing your call as follows

Call the school at 519-653-2367

Press 1 for Attendance

Then press

Press 1 … for Surnames starting A-K

Press 2 … for Surnames starting L-Z

or send an attendance related email to

Click here for the PHS Attendance Procedures 2019-2020.

Examples of Acceptable reasons for absence are illness, unavoidable appointments with a doctor or dentist, bereavement, and family emergencies.

Whenever possible, appointments should be scheduled for outside school hours. Medical certificates for long-term absences are required.  Absences for reasons, other than those indicated above, may be accepted if the appropriate vice-principal approves them. Absence for vacations is discouraged.

Students are expected to complete missed work.

Exam Attendance – All students are expected to write exams at the end of each term and according to the schedule. Exams will follow the same schedule as a Day 1: Block A exam on the first exam day; Block B on the second exam day; Block C on the third exam day; and, Block D on the fourth exam day. Medically documented illness and bereavement are the only acceptable reasons for missing an exam.

Temporary Withdrawalanticipated absence exceeding 5 days but less than 15 days: The student requests an appointment with their respective Vice Principal to complete the Temporary Withdrawal form (FS-17-X).

Temporary Withdrawalanticipated absence exceeding 15 days:  If the absence is more than 15 days then the student requests an appointment with their respective Vice Principal to complete the Temporary Withdrawal form (FS-17-X).   Both sides of the form must be completed.   The student will take the form to each teacher who completes the back section and returns it to the student who then submits it to the Vice Principal. Teachers assign a course of study to the student before the absence.

School-sponsored activities: These absences do not absolve students from completing work assigned in class.  Students on a field trip or other school activity are marked absent from other classes for the duration of the school-sponsored activity.  Participation in these activities is a privilege.

Students excused during the day: The student informs the main office before 8:05 am by a) bringing a note from a parent stating the reason and time for dismissal or b) by having a parent call/email. The teacher allows the student to leave class if the student has been excused. In the case of illness, the student is sent to the office where staff contacts a parent. If the student returns to school on the same day and arrives in the middle of a period, the teacher will record attendance and ask the student to confirm with the office they have returned to school.

Truancy – Regular attendance is a legal requirement, as such the teacher must keep a record of absence for each class. Students frequently absent may be interviewed by the appropriate vice-principal. Letter(s) and/or phone calls may be directed home and parents asked to attend a meeting. Severe attendance problems may be referred to the Social Worker, and on rare occasions, to the courts.