Change of Address or Telephone

Please notify the main office at once of any change in custodial parents, of any change of address or of a change of telephone number by calling 519-653-2367.

Spare Periods

Some Grade 11 and 12 students are granted spares.  This time should be used for study purposes in the cafeteria or the library.  Students are not to be in the hallways during class time.  Students found violating the Spare Period privilege may be assigned to a Supervised Study instead.

Course Load Requirement

The student course selection process is extremely important.  Students are encouraged to research and plan carefully before selecting courses online and completing their course selection.  When a student selects a course, they are making a commitment to complete the course. Students are not allowed to drop from full-time status (3 or 4 courses per semester) without prior administration approval (rare).

School Property

The care of all school property is the responsibility of every member of PHS.  Any lost or damaged property may be paid for by the student responsible.

Students who damage or deface the building will be reported to the Waterloo Regional Police.


Gambling is not allowed anywhere on school property, on field trips, sports activities or at club meetings.

Electronic Devices

  • Only permitted in classes where the teacher has granted permission.
  • Are permitted in the library at the discretion of the library staff.
  • Are permitted in the cafeteria.

Cell Phones

  • Cellphones can be used to support classroom learning only as directed by the teacher.
  • Cell phones may be used before and after classes, and during the lunch hour.
  • Taking photographs of students or staff is prohibited without the authorization of a staff member and the permission of those photographed.


The cafeteria is your place to eat, study and socialize.  Please help keep your area clean.  The use of the cafeteria is a privilege.

All refuse is to be placed in the garbage containers.  Students will comply with supervisors’ requests to clean up an area promptly and politely.  Please do not sit on tables.

Student Lockers

Lockers are owned by the school.  Each student will be given the opportunity to select a locker in September (and asked to register that locker using the Locker Registration Form – the link can be found on the main home page) with the exception of sports lockers for team members.  Lockers must have a school-approved combination lock on them, purchased by the student.  For your own protection, do not disclose the combination to anyone, nor should you keep anything of great value in these lockers.

To maintain the safety and security of our school the administration may need to inspect and remove the contents of any locker.  Lock combinations must be recorded accurately in the Locker Registration Form.  The school is not responsible for any items lost or stolen from a locker or elsewhere at school.

Students are responsible to ensure that their locker is cleared of all items before 3pm on the last Monday of June each year.

Do not bring valuable items to school.

Sports Lockers

Sports lockers are for sports team equipment only and are not to be accessed during class time.  Your regular gym clothes, books and coats etc., MUST be in your assigned homeroom locker.  Sports lockers are to be cleaned out immediately after that sport ends.

Bus Students

Students must ride their designated bus ONLY.  It is the student’s responsibility to be on time for bus pick-ups and to behave in a responsible manner.  The school bus is an extension of the classroom, and unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated.

In the event of a complaint by the bus driver about a student’s poor behaviour, the Vice-Principal will contact parents and, depending on the infraction, bus privileges may be removed.  In that case, it is the responsibility of the student and of the parent to provide alternate transportation.  Missing the bus is not considered a valid absence.

Student Dress Code

Grooming, dress, and appearance are positive indicators of the serious purposes of attending school.  Students are expected to dress in a manner acceptable for learning and the workplace.  This Dress Code will be applied in a manner that is sensitive to religious and ethnocultural requirements. School Administration will be consulted when questions or concerns arise.

Some examples of inappropriate attire:  sexual, racist, or offensive slogans or images; exposed midriffs, low necklines, short hemlines,  halter/tank tops with narrow straps; tube tops; jewelry or clothing that includes spikes, studs, bullets, or heavy chain; any type of bandana or anything suggestive of gang affiliation.  It is never appropriate to see your underwear.

Students wearing inappropriate attire will be sent home to change by their Vice-Principal and must check in with Vice-Principal upon return.

Coats, jackets, or outdoor clothing are not to be worn to class; please keep these in your locker.  Gym bags, backpacks, large tote bags, etc. are not to be brought into shops or science labs.  Do not leave these in a hallway entering these areas.

Parking and Driving Restrictions

All student vehicles (automobiles, bicycles and motorcycles) must be parked in the student parking lots northwest of the school building.  STUDENTS ARE PROHIBITED FROM PARKING ON THE FIRE ROUTE/ACCESS ROAD AT THE REAR OF THE SCHOOL.  No student may park in the Technical parking lot unless previous permission has been obtained from the shop teacher because repairs are to be made in that shop.  Cars parked on lawns may be ticketed.  No students are to park on the church property.

Students are not allowed to use the driveway at the rear of the school.

It is expected that appropriate driving habits will be used at all times.  Cars being driven recklessly on neighbouring streets will have their license numbers reported to the police and parking privileges at PHS will be revoked.  While limited parking has been provided for student use, the school and the Board of Education accepts no responsibility for damage to any vehicle parked on the school property.

To ensure a safe and secure learning environment:

  • Excessive volume of car radios is prohibited. Sitting and socializing in cars parked on school property is prohibited.
  • Cars with alarms are to be parked away from classroom areas.

Visitors to the school

Only students registered at PHS are allowed on school property.  All persons visiting the school must report to the Main Office as soon as they arrive.  Unwelcome visitors may be reported to the police and/or charged with trespassing.

Use of School Facilities Outside Regular Class Time

All groups and activities must have a teacher sponsor, and teacher supervision is required.

Photo Requirements

All students MUST have a school picture taken for reasons of safety and security whether or not a photo package is being purchased.  Failure to comply may result in a suspension until a picture is on file.


If you leave your class because you are unwell, please report to the main office immediately.  Students must not leave the school because of illness without first reporting to the main office.

Financial Hardship

Students, parents, or guardians may contact their Guidance Counsellor, teacher or administration so that difficult family financial situations don’t prevent students from being involved in activities at PHS.

Emergency procedures

Detailed emergency procedures are posted in every room of the school. All PHS students and staff practice Fire Drills, Lockdown Drills and other emergency procedures.