On April 16th the PHS physical education department hosted the annual OFSAA Try Day event. This year’s activity was Shuffleboard. The Try Day grant from OFSAA provided funds to the phys ed department to purchase a full class set of shuffleboard cues and discs that were featured on Try Day and will continue to be used within activity courses for years to come. Students joined SAC leaders and teachers in learning about this new activity throughout classes all day in the single gym. Student leaders provided instruction on how to play the game and keep score. Shuffleboard is a target game in which teams of two send a disc down a court with the goal of it landing within the highest marked score area. It is a game that requires precision, a sense of both offensive and defensive strategy and is a lot of fun!  Shuffleboard can also be played on different surfaces and in varied settings. One grade 11 student said of her experience “I love the challenge of figuring out how much force I need while still having to consider how my opponent will score against me. It is a surprisingly challenging game!”


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