Labour Market Trends

How do I find information on where there will be jobs in the future?



But I don’t know what I want to do in the future… where can I start?

Searching Tip:  Example: I think I’d like something in the medical field, how can I start my search to find job titles matching this interest?

  • Go to Search The National Occupation Classification System (NOC codes)
  • Click drop down menu of Select Search Type – click Next
  • Click drop down menu of Index of Titles – click Next
  • Click drop down menu of Search Method
    • Click Keyword – Click Next – Type in the word “medical” in the blank box and scroll to the bottom of the page to Click Search.
    • All of the jobs associated with the Medical Profession are in front of you.
    • Glance down the list and click on a title of interest to you.  i.e. Medical Laboratory Technologist #3211
    • Main Duties, Educational Requirements AND Example Job Titles appear. Write down the 4-digit NOC
    • Now take the NOC code / Job Title that you liked and use our Career Cruising Website  to determine further if this is a good job match for you.
    • Career Cruising username: preston  AND password: panthers
    • Simply type in the NOC code OR the Job Title in the Search Bar at the top of the page.
    • Career Cruising allows you to search Canadian Wages, Work Conditions and Educational Programs offered in Canada to do this job!
    • Log In to My IPP – Individual Pathway Plan – in Career Cruising. Use your PAL password. It allows you to save your job interests to come back to at a later time.