OSSLT Multiple Choice Practice Tests

Now Preston students can get immediate feedback on some aspects of the OSSLT test preparation. Try out these multiple choice practice tests online! Test 1 (from OSSLT 2015 test) Test 2 (from OSSLT 2015 test)

Types of Tests and Tips for Success

What’s Going to be on the Test?  You know, that’s a really good question, and one you should ask your teachers. You might not get the precise answer you are hoping for, but they should be able to tell you two things: what the overall topics will be and what kind of test structure they […]

How to Study from a Textbook Using S4R

The text book is used by teachers to Preteach: reading a chapter ahead can “prime the pump” for learning to happen the next day Reinforce: review and consolidate information taught that day in class Review: prepare for testing But let’s be honest — textbooks aren’t known for their exciting content!  There must be a way […]

Ace that Test!

There are two phases to tests: the preparation for the test and the writing of the test. Preparing for a Test: Keep up with regular class work and assignments.  Have a complete set of notes before you sit down to study. Record the test in your planner or on your calendar in your smart phone.  Now, go to a date a […]

Do You Know What these Words Mean?

When teachers ask questions, there are cues in the words they choose that will help you answer the question.  See if you know the definitions to these Key Words: Key Words in Questions: Compare                    Tell what is the same and what is different Describe                     Use words […]

Math Notes are Special Notes

Math notes….it’s just not enough to write only the answer.  Answer to what question? What was the problem you were trying to solve? And did you solve the question successfully? If you take only partial notes, who knows? Math can be a logical, step by step process, but if you haven’t written the steps down, […]

What Does a Good Student Do?

Want to do well in school?  Lots of students do!  Here are some strategies that require discipline, but are rewarding when it’s time to study: Take notes Sounds simple, but there’s a whole lot of successful learning happening in the phrase, “take notes”.  To take a note, you have to BE in class.  You have to […]

Setting Up for School Success – Study Area

A student who plans to be successful needs some basic tools, a space to work, and an understanding of how she or he works best.  The list below will give you a good idea of what a student needs. Location You need a space that is available when you need it.  The kitchen table is […]